To have someone famous on your couch....or bookshelf
A fabulous hand painted velveteen and muslin pillow
of your favorite author, artists or others.

YES...they are ALL handpainted and
individually sewn by our wonderful artist "LEITA".
You may order the following characters:


Ansel Adams Louisa May Alcott L. Van Beethoven
J. Brahms Napolean Bonaparte Elizabeth Bowen
Charlotte Bronte Emily Bronte Robert Burns
Lewis Carroll Robert Capa Willa Cather
Frederic Chopin Winston Churchill Colette
Joseph Conrad Charles Dickens Emily Dickenson
Fydor Dostoevsky Amelia Earhart George Eliot
T.S. Eliot William Faulkner Sigumund Freud
Nathaniel Hawthorne Ernest Hemingway Bernard Hermann
Paul Hindermith Zora Neale Hurston Alfred Hitchcock
Langston Hughes Henry James Samuel Johnson
James Joyce Carl Jung Franz Kafka
Fride Kahlo John Keats Jack Keroac
D.H. Lawrence Gustav Mahler Edna Sr. Vincent Millay
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Anais Nin Frederick Neitzsche
Flannery O'Connor Georgia O'Keefe ** Dorothy Parker
Samuel Pepys Pablo Picasso Edgar Allen Poe**
Marcel Proust Diego Rivera Christina Rosssetti
Vita Sackville West George Sand Franz Schubert
George Sand Franz Schubert Rod Serling
William Shakespeare George Bernard Shaw Gertrude Stein
John Steinbeck Igor Stravinsky Alice B. Toklas
Mark Twain Guiseppe Verdi Richard Wagner
Edith Wharton Walt Whitman Oscar Wilde
Thomas Wolfe Virginia Woolf** Mary Woolstonecraft
Frank Lloyd Wright William Butler Yeats Albert Einstein **

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