The photo show some of Christel Hartz's figures from the series "The Parson's Nose". Though a somewhat irreverant term, it is akin to "the Pope's Hat" or "the part that went over the fence last" in the USA! Not meant to be derrogatory, it is a colloquial term that sparked the creative fire to inspire Crystel to create the "troup".

In Europe, Christel Hartz is a renowned sculpture artist. Her work is shown at many exhibitions and earned her art-prizes such as the Euro-Doll which she won several times.

The figures shown are made of paper and special additives created by Crystel. They all are one-of-a-kinds. (If you are able to see java applets you may go Here for a fabulous slideshow!)

If you cannot see Java applets then go here!for more photos

About the figures: In the words of the Artist.

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