The photo show some of Christel Hartz's figures, taken out of the series "Livingstones".

In Europe, Christel Hartz is a renowned sculpture artist. Her work is shown at many exhibitions and earned her art-prizes such as the Euro-Doll which she won several times.

The figures shown are made of stoneware. They all are one-of-a-kinds. (If you are able to see java applets you may go Here for a fabulous slideshow!)

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About the figures: In the words of the Artist.

(A) Massimo e Contento (from a group of musicians):

gamble  These names were given to the group by my Italian friend Angela. While the bigger Contento is still lost to the sounds of his stone-lyra, Massimo stopped playing being somewhat less contented. Two figures out of the "Livingstones"-series, sitting, elaborately painted and adorned with an unusual hairdo, each with an stone lyra.

(B) Rabbit's Talk:

stone  Gorging rabbits move their lips very fast. Because their gaze is quite pointed while doing so, it looks like they try to secretly communicate something important. You never know who they are looking at. Irritating in a similar way are these two stone-trolls. Their mouths bent in rabbit-like ways, mute, their glances not meeting, arms protectively crossed or retreatingly stretched backwards, they stand opposite to one another. What a communication! Two figures out of the "Livingstones"-series, standing, with hair-adornments made out of natural materials. The complex painting enhancing the stone-character has been branded into the stoneware several times.

(C) Rien ne va plus(from a group of gamblers):

gamblers Rien ne va plus is an expression used at the Roulette-table. While the bigger Stonetroll still seems to relaxetly sit at the gambling-table his face betrays him by showing that he knows that he'll propably loose. The smaller one is about to sit up, his body is more tense. Sure to win this round, he points at the game, in his face the certainty that his opponent stands no hope to win. That's what my french friend Giselle meant as she christened the group. Two stonetrolls (Livingstones), kneeling and sitting, with unusual hair-decoration and a stone-game.

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